The UCCS Photo Database is a searchable collection of high-quality downloadable photography for university-related projects.

Tips for Using the Photo Database

Search or browse. You can search using the quick or advanced search fields, or you can click on a category to browse through images.

See the newest additions. The newest additions to the database will be the first results when you click on "Browse" above. Check back often, and browse through the most recent additions to see what new images are being added.

Keep your searches broad. Searches that are too specific often come back with no results, even if there are appropriate images in the database. Quick-search looks for the exact phrase, so sometimes searching for a single word yeilds the best results. Quick-search searches keywords and descriptions.

Use the "favorites" feature. When you find an image you like, add it to your favorites by clicking example of the +save link under the image. Once you've collected several images, you can click over to your favorites and download them all with a single click.

Find out what links (like example of the +save link) do by mousing over them. Most of the functions of this database have explanations that will appear if you put your mouse over the link and wait a few seconds.

The images on this site are designed to be used on UCCS-related websites, PowerPoint presentations, printed materials, etc. There is more available photography that is not included in this database; you can contact University Advancement and schedule an appointment to look through the rest of the photography collection. Suggestions and feedback are always appreciated.